Solar System

Energy Loop is South Australian local-based, catering to South Australia's solar needs. Our supply and installation service offers top-tier solar solutions for both residents and businesses tailored to your requirements. From consultation to installation, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring seamless integration of cutting-edge solar technology into your home or business. We also provide battery storage supply and installation, ensuring you have reliable energy even when the sun isn't shining. Trust us to deliver reliable, sustainable energy solutions that empower you to embrace a greener future. Experience superior service and savings with us. Contact us today at 1800-900-909!


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Solar energy offers businesses a compelling advantage by significantly reducing operating costs through the generation of renewable and sustainable power. This not only bolsters their environmental reputation but also enhances long-term financial resilience by mitigating the impact of fluctuating energy prices.



Embracing solar energy at the household level can lead to substantial savings on electricity bills while diminishing reliance on traditional fossil fuels, thus fostering a more sustainable future for both families and the planet.